Executive team

Joe Petruzzella

President and CEO

Tonya Price

Supply Chain Manager

David Moore


Gigi Adriansen

Vice President of Sales

Mike Macias

Warehouse Manager, BoxTech Phoenix

Paul Amaral

Managing Partner,
BoxTech East

Mike Van Eepoel

Warehouse Manager,
BoxTech East

Scott Younker

Managing Partner,
BoxTech Texas

Chuy Silva

Warehouse Manager, BoxTech Texas

Our BoxTech team is focused on providing value added products with a high-level service and consistent quality. With the shortest production lead times in the industry, our commitment to customer satisfaction remains our primary goal and objective. Our hands-on approach and attention to detail separates us from the competition which allows end-users to utilize a critical marketing tool which is branding their pizza box and/or other to-go packaging. BoxTech's culture was built around creating a family atmosphere within our team members that translates to a high-level of appreciation and respect towards all of those we service.

Please contact us for any of your corrugated packaging needs.

-Joe Petruzzella, President & CEO

We’re committed to your success

We work very close with our customers to ensure that all our your needs are met.From large restaurant chains to corner neighborhood pizza shop we have you covered
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